I asked a millionaire, how he made it? He said:

                                      By Michael Chibuzor Onah
It always been mine earnest prayer like every moment i wake up early, breathe well and say thanks to God. I want to build a relationship with a woman that could support my dream and achieve all of them together  and no compromise about it, am not making a wrong decision neither are my proud to acclaim, that’s sure about it.
What had ruled a lot of guys onto not achieve their visions or they failed is because of their spouse probably her curve, big back yard, beauty or any of their physical appearance very attractive enough in the beginning of their relationship, good are those stuff are but they could not compare that of a lady who wants you to achieve your dream, very much in support because a virtuous woman knew something like your success is her success, vice versa. She’s a gold digger you have start reeling complains all over and disturbing the peace of every body in the house, where you blind when you got connected with her or started the relationship all together? You brought all of this yourself so do not intend to blame any body best blame yourself. Making the right decision out rightly is very necessary, like i said early  while above my content, not all about her physical appearance only but let her support your dream, both of you should take a work out side the city have conversion every one should bring out innovation and ideas to do the right thing and get the best result ever; when that is then both of you could do what ever you intend doing like catching fun abroad or go for site seeing. 
Please open your eyes wide and make the right decision and forget about the cover of a book but just look well the content.

Age when founders started their companies

by Michael Chibuzor Onah
Success is not too late but you will be a failure when you
fail to achieve success. Do not get burg down or frustrated because of your  age looking or something tire some. look at these men above you might be older or even younger than them now but do not strike a balance and say all hope is gone, you know why  because y
our dream is not too late enough  to achieve all you need to do is to take an prompt action for that. I was 24 year- old when i  discovered  cbayland a multinational and eCommerce web store, i couldn’t just fold my arms and watch cbayland be the same, what i did was i took an immediate action, i work smart,  i build team to help the industry succeeding. Here you are you can do very much the same or more but do not hesitate  to take action  that’s exactly  what these men above  did  for their trade secret to success. 

Champion league game in life (you’re a failure not a winner.)

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 By Michael C.Onah
A lot of things might have gone wrong or wear you down in
life it say disappointments, it say discouragements from family members, peers,
well-wishers or friends, it say humiliations and so many unfair hurdles of
life. I have witnessed  a bunch of them all I have  reasons
to say I can’t continue like this, I have hell reason I say to myself I go
sleep in life and most off all I’ve embedded all my hope, trust on people I
never thought they could reel my life in this dreaded way. In the first place
if someone should walk up to me and say: this person will do this harm to you
or betray you stay away from him or her, I’ll stab the person or see the person
as ever a worst enemy hunter in my success, because I have seen the person
can’t treat me that callous way and he or she should be nice to me . And now
it  happened like a real bonny movie in my eyes I’ve learned a hard lesson
in my life never to embed all my trust on mortals, I’ve learned to believe in
myself in- total no matter what… if it’s to be it’s up to me. 

Fight is the very act of combating forces that wants to
stand against you to pull you off the ring.

Are you tired of fighting? Let say yes;
For example, the force fighting you never or can never
stop fighting you until it get you down while it succeeded and go back to its
final abode. You’re a failure! You’ve failed in life. You’re not strong enough
to prove the stuff you’re made up, the mare mason had overwhelmed you one nut.
Is that how you succeeding in life? Is that how you become a champion? Your
dream and vision is taken away and you’re left very empty inside of you.

Jackson jesse Said: ‘10 dream killers in life.

 ‘You might not be responsible for your falling but
you will be responsible if you fail to rise up’.
When you fall it then means you’re dead but when you rise
it then means you’re alive.
Let say no;
That’s hundred good of you. It then means you’re strong
to succeed, it then means you’re optimistic, it then means you don’t want your
dream or vision let go. The secret here is challenges are food for the
champions not for the losers. There is no room for losers in a champion league
game in life. And gain the secret is, you don’t exempt yourself from challenges
you claimed great to be rather challenges exempt from you by combating farther,
farther don’t get tired ok. The little level you’re the little challenges
you’ll pass through, the big level the big challenges you’ll face, the bigger
challenges the bigger you’ll get and above all else the biggest challenges the
biggest troubles you’ll have fight for.in a nut shell every exit- able creature
here on earth will always pass though challenge or challenges of life. Don’t
give up.

What should I fight for on and on in life to secure?
When you fail to do what you’re supposed to do today,
you’ll end up achieving what is not yours tomorrow while so you’re frustrated
and gone. And when you plan for yesterday against tomorrow you did well, you’ll
end up achieving all the best results and you’ll be happy for yourself with or
without no one assisting you, you’ve secured your life. Now we’ll discussing
issue that might trap us down in life or insecurity waves if no proper action
taking place.
1 Your future fight tooth and nail for your future. Your future is
your whole life! When you miss it you’re in-depth going six feet down. The
greatest thing that will happen to you is to allow someone dictate for you
about your future, your future is in your bare palms you run the dictation
yourself. In our previous discussion I talked about fear. What’s fear? We
learned it a force that wants to gripe you down or in addition defeat you
final. Don’t go to sleep, go to work and fight for your future. You like it
when people dictate for you? or when you beg from hand to mouth for survival?
Hmm, when your future is secured, like wise your destiny is protected hundred
percent. Fight well so you rule the world and even take chances helping other
people giving something out freely not you receiving.
2 Exceptional type make yourself a different golden type, let
everything you do optimistic make you happy, let your fight be a different from
other people’s theirs. For instance I use wrestlers as a case study ; you can’t
compare john cenna and triple h  the way they wrestled and likewise
stone cord and the undertaker, they have in them a genius styles people applaud
them for when they apply it in the ring, so do the same here I’m not saying you
should apply same system all I’m figuring out here is to develop your skills to
fight and win just be yourself and fight well.
3 Challenges- here on earth no man can escape challenge or challenges
because challenges is a part of life. The only person exempted from it, it a
deceased type no longer in the world but elsewhere. So be rest assure for
challenges it most surely come if you like it or not  and if I were
you I can’t stop fighting even if I get what I’m looking for in my hand because
the higher you go the tougher the challenges better still don’t quit because
quitting will do you no good.What have you achieve quitting? Nothing , so I advise
you keep on shutting  shutting until you harm the bed down, don’t
stop shutting.  In a nut shell the poor phase challenges, the middle
people phase challenges, the rich ones phase and above all else the wealthy men
and woman battle for it too.
4 Dignity- it a respect, it a reputation you build yourself so
people can see you while you’re displaying it well and congratulate you well
about your effort. It really something you fight for when you have it or soon
you want to, guide it carefully. Do you know that there are people on this
surface world existing and their mare intention is to rule someone down or
spoil the good name the person is caring? That’s why I said you need to be on
your kneel and fight so firm to protect that name because it takes a holistic
days to build on that name and it takes just one day to scatter all of
achievements the person have built. So guide it with ultimate pride you have.

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By Michael C.

John Maxwell pop-up and educative quotes on success

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By MichaelC.Onah
John calvin maxwell is a born and brought up person in the united state of America. He is an american preacher, author and so tight incredible speaker world wide. His speech motivation has turned great folks who have no fore sight for something meaningful in their lives and grasped one, build them and nurture it.Not just that he had primarily focused on leadership; some of his books are the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership and the 21 indispensable qualities of a leader, these books were sold millions of copies abroad. Let browse through some of his touchy quotes.

The unsuccessful person is burdened by

learning, and prefers to walk down familiar
paths. Their distaste for learning stunts their
growth and limits their influence. 
John Maxwell
     “Success is due to our stretching to the
challenges of life. Failure comes when we
shrink from them.” – John Maxwell

People don’t care
how much you know until

they know how much you care John
A difficult time can be more readily endured
if we
retain the conviction that our existence
holds a
purpose, a cause to pursue, a person
love, a goal to achieve.
John Maxwell
inside fuels growth outside.” – John
You don’t
overcome challenges by making
them smaller but by making yourself
bigger. John Maxwell
If you start today to do the right thing,
are already a success even if
it doesn’t show
yet. John Maxwell
Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” –
“The greatest
mistake we make is living in
constant fear that
we will make one.” – John Maxwell

I am by name Chibuzor Michael Onah the CEO and founder of cBAYLand. To the best of my knowledge  i have not seen much yet in life, but i have read all manner of faced books  both in marriage, relationship, business and lots more not just mention; this equipped me and made me who i am today.And above all else,  I have sit and dine with great men that had position me too well by their good counsel, people like bishop victor orji, Mr Jordan; i call him ‘my rich dad’ and more of them , i can attest the fact that i am not at 0% but  at least 99.9% i give Almighty God the glory not by my own power but his own making. And lastly my aim is to build and put in men the entrepreneur spirit for some of them who think they cannot make it any longer in life.
is not about titles, positions or
It is about one life influencing
– John Maxwell
“Doing the right thing
daily, compounds over
time.” – John Maxwell
If we are
growing we are always going to be
our comfort zone.

The pessimist complains
about the wind. The
expects it to change. The leader
adjusts the
John Maxwell

is 10% of what happens to me and 90%
how I react to it.
John Maxwell
Talent is a gift, but character is a
John Maxwell
Learn to say no
to the good so you can say
yes to the best.” –
John Maxwell
We cannot
become what we need by
remaining what we are. John

is the ability to get back up
after you’ve been knocked down, learn
your mistake, and move forward in a
direction. John Maxwell
your purpose in
life, growing to reach your maximum
and sowing seeds that benefit others. John
more seriously you take your growth, the
seriously your people will take you.” –
People have a desire to look for the
exception instead of the desire to
exceptional. John Maxwell
the truth. Transparency breeds
legitimacy. John Maxwell

a point to continually search for a
better way of doing things, even when
are going well, to ensure that a better
alternative has not been overlooked and
keep your creative talents in practice. John
leaders inherently know when rules
need to be challenged, and they can see
a more flexible approach should be
John Maxwell
it’s admirable to be ambitious and
hard-working, its more desirable to be
John Maxwell
timing of your decision is just as
important as the decision you make.
 A great
leader’s courage to fulfill his vision
comes from
passion, not position.

man must be big enough to admit his
mistakes, smart enough to profit from
and strong enough to correct them. John
Happiness simply cannot be relied upon
as a
measure of success. John Maxwell
people fail to start or complete a task
because they
don’t see any connection
between what
they’re doing and what they
really want to
accomplish in life.

cannot overestimate the
unimportant of
practically everything. John Maxwell
 “Leaders don’t rise
to the pinnacle of success
without developing
the right set of attitudes
and habits; they
make every day a
masterpiece.” –
John Maxwell
the top is a monumental
but remaining there may be the
spectacular feat of all.

 You build
trust with others each time you
integrity over image, truth over
or honor over personal gain.

the right to be heard by listening to
Seek to understand a situation before
judgments about it.” – John Maxwell
never outgrow the need to
John Maxwell
“If you don’t have peace, it isn’t because
someone took it from you; you gave it away.
You cannot always control what happens to
you, but you can control what happens in
you.” – John Maxwell
and execute your first failure so that you
no longer have to fear it. John Maxwell
 “The only guarantee for failure
is to stop
trying” – John Maxwell
greatest day in your life and mine is
when we take total responsibility for
attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow
John Maxwell
focused instead of getting offended or
track by others.” – John Maxwell
“To add value to
others, one must first value
others.” – John Maxwell
“Doing the wrong
thing daily, compounds over
time.” – John
There are
two paths people can take. They
can either
play now and pay later, or pay now
and play
later. Regardless of the choice, one
thing is
certain. Life will demand a
payment. John
 “The difference
between average people and
people is their perception of and
response to
failure.” – John Maxwell
“As you begin
changing your thinking, start
immediately to
change your behavior. Begin to
act the part of the
person you would like to
become. Take action
on your behavior. Too
many people want to
feel, then take action.
This never works.”
– John Maxwell
“It’s true that
charisma can make a person
stand out for a
moment, but character sets a
person apart for a
lifetime.” – John Maxwell

 “Everything begins
with a decision. Then, we
have to manage that
decision for the rest of
your life.” – John
you don’t change the direction you are
then you’re likely to end up where
heading…” – John Maxwell
 “People may
hear your words, but they feel 
your attitude.”
– John Maxwell
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By Michael C. Onah.
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How to stay out of poverty for life(20s)

By Michael Chibuzor Onah

Poverty it a place to test and not a place to be, not at all! I have witnessed enough warmth of it, it a whole bunch of experience, not on someone that has not tested like one bit may not tell or explain how it is. I reject poverty with all my life, am optimistic to be affluent rich. Let browse through how to stay from this terminal disease call poverty.

Go to work
Go to school for your profession
Meet angel advisors for your work
Keep Good company
Have a mentor you can run to when it funny time
Pray to go God for might
Read varieties of books
Be ready to learn
Be submissive to your tutors
Ask questions
Do not feel shy at the course of learning a new thing
Do not be arrogant
Help the poor, orphans and the Windows
Do not give flimsy excuses
Do not look down on any body.
Avoid procrastination
Avoid late- ness to work
Try to learn new things every day
Go to seminars or conferences
Manage your time well

How to achieve your dreams/ visions with empty wallet

BY GloryMan Innocent
You plan and wish to be great or even greater than many great Men and Women of this century, yet all your dreams lie dormant because of lack of money. 
        Image may contain: one or more people and text
Join us in this one day seminar on HOW TO START AND ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS/VISIONS WITH EMPTY WALLET and learn how to start achieving that vision and dream of yours without having any money on ground.
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4 most billionaire advice + gallery

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by Michael C. Onah
Advice is great when you apply the system you’ve been thought for in schools,  seminars, conferences or any learn-able place at all. make sure you do not add or subtract anything at the cause of trying to practice what you’ve been thought for, so that if it not working the way you’ve been tutor for, you’re free to go lay complains like the system is not working. lets browse billionaire advice.

1…Follow your heart
Image result for photo of heart
2…Focus on your passion
Image result for photo of passion
3…Have no regrets
Image result for photo of no regret
4…Be consistent
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5…Take risks
Image result for photo of take risk

5…Think longterm
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A notebook of Leonardo da Vinci that I bought in 1994.

There’s no doubt that Leonardo da
Vinci was a genius. But what really set him apart was his sense of wonder and
curiosity. I’m excited to share a project I’ve worked on to make it easier than
ever to get to know his work. It’s a one-of-a-kind device called the code scope
that lets you explore the codex Leicester, a notebook of Leonardo’s that I bought
in 1994. If you’re interested in learning more about the project, I recently wrote
about it on my blog.

Nigeria pidgin quotes about life, by Chibuzor Michael Onah

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   by Michael C. Onah
As we day read correct English quotes i’ also dai available for Nigeria pidgin language wai we dai communicate with one another. you see bai for this life i’ dai good anything wai you dai do, make you put your mind well, well make you sa be yam, now mai we see the pidgin quotes for life.
Life be say,  na person wai you help go remember you
‘Chibuzor M. Onah’
If you forget person wai
help no forget de God wai use the person help you 
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Make you no quarrel with
person because you fet see de-same  person
tomorrow wai go help you 
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Make money for life but no
do garara because you get de money ‘
Chibuzor M. Onah’
 If you get tired for life,
life ma go get tire for you  ‘
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Na person wai you see
today no b him you go see tomorrow, mai you look well  ‘
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Person wa you laugh tu da
e go laugh you tomorrow
 ‘Chibuzor M. Onah’
See ba, this life too big
wa be sai no body go fe talk watin go happen to him or na her tomorrow
 ‘Chibuzor M. Onah’
Make you da rest becos dai
no dai hurry for life ‘
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Make you no hurry na
person wai hurry dai die fast like fowl 
Chibuzor M. Onah’
Life na je-je and na
small- small 
‘Chibuzor M. Onah’