In the early cBAYLand; 2018-2019

While  chibuzor was managing  his blog in the early 2018-2019,it was really something else it could be blush on him while he managed  ‘micheal onah’s blog’ he was so mean and passionate about blogging, he’s a writer, he  write so many books, it say relationship, marriage, business, stories, novels,   and quotes ; all these for him, when he write he   publish  on his  blog people read and comments. In one month time Michaelonah’s blog was having 8000 viewers successful and growing  like speed for a moment  and in two month  blogging  chibuzor had to change the name of company from Michael onah’s blog to cBAYLand; in this time could  he just want catchy  and superb name .And then on while the business was growing in lift and bounce he had   ponder very well this could just be a blog it is going to be something beyond blog and guess what? Not cBAYLand but cBAYLand plus the blog name.

In the year 2019 cBAYLand was changed to cBAYLand plus after the founder intend to extend his horizon.

A concise his for cBAYLand

 Again and  again chibuzor had dreamed so big  for something like amazon, he sleeps and dine with amazon all the time surfing, he couldn’t just do away with it. His plane was to establish same amazon and  alibris and it is going to be so special. He intends making it ecommerce, online shopping store and selling all varieties of stuff in the web site.

cBAYLand  it’s a simple web site, a  library where you come in  make yourself comfortable and brief us your side story on our sites ‘you most not become populous before you ring the bell or you write about yourself, surf  into  our e-books like: sex, marriage, relationship,  business, quotes, motivational, story, novel, and etc. cBAYLand also is a  E-commerce web  that helps a group of  folks to view our products and services  such as e-books, cosmetics , beverages,  molfix pampers, play games,  and lot more. Purchasing  it provides  online shipping and delivery your items at your convince or come carry your products to Nigeria postal service(nipost) or  DHL